Monday, January 17, 2011

Young Women of Virtue

All around the world we have tales of great heroes and historic examples of goodness. The stories encourage us to nurture and embody virtue. They tell us that our friends and neighbors can be heroes-- that we can be heroes.

You don't need to lead a nation to victory to be a hero.Each girl has the potential to be a beautiful example to those around her. She can be a hero.

Each culture has its own idea of which characteristics their ideal person possesses. The name for this kind of person varies between societies, but the characteristics remain the same.

In Western culture, we call our heroes Virtuous. The ancient Greeks saw the Arete in the protagonists of their epic tales.Chinese philosophy honors their greats with De, their denominated characteristic for greatness.

No matter the name of this quality, its meaning is almost uniform no matter who you ask. The great people who embody this virtue share several characteristics.

Each has control over him/herself. Each acts without selfishness with the intent of helping others and furthering justice. Each is confident, wise, and true. Each has a desire to constantly learn and grow to be better.

Make the changes you need to in your life to become more like this, because the world could use a few more heroes. And we all know that our girls could use a few more examples of virtuous living.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What It Means to Be a Real Princess

A real princess should not be defined by a tiara or a beautiful dress. A princess is a leader who loves to serve others. She is honest, respectful, and responsible.

The Princess Festival in Hatfieldadelphia wants every girl to understand that. She can be a princess! It's her choice, but you can help.

Too many girls lack the confidence it takes to become a great woman. And we know they can be great.

It's our job to present them with examples of good leaders, encourage them to participate in worthwhile service opportunities, and expect only the best from them.

The world of the future could use a few more women of integrity and our girls are the answer. The best thing we can give them is an understanding of respect for themselves and others.